It is never too late.


Whether it's invisible Braces, lingual orthodontics or esthetic ceramic brackets - contemporary orthodontics offer a whole range of treatment options. Best for You: Adjustments and corrections of disaligned teeth can now be done at any age. So it is never too late for successful orthodontic treatment!

Intensive advice - short treatment time

Together we can achieve your goal

Take a seat in one of our conference rooms and receive a detailed, individual and informative consultation. We make time for your concerns and will discuss the best treatments for you in every detail – in return, our treatments will be as short as possible. We will give clear advice, cost transparency and guaranteed short treatment times for you or your child.

All this is possible because of our long-term professional experience and constant continuing education. We offer a wide range of different treatment types for children, teenage boys and girls as well as for adults. Not only are we able to deal with the usual, preventative and corrective orthodontic cases but also the difficult, challenging and special ones. For our Japanese patients we offer a special clinic with a native speaker.

Düsseldorf - Kieferorthopäde für Kinder


Children are intuitive by nature, and Bimler and Schmidt know this. That’s why we interact with our young customers in a fun way.
Have a look….


Can you teach an old dog new tricks? – Bimler & Schmidt can! We have different options to treat adults – but with the same result: a gorgeous smile with healthy and straight teeth.


Pick a solution that suits your needs: near-invisible, removable aligners or lingual braces – you have the choice. We will provide you with professional advice.