Moving With Invisible Braces To


Wearing and Removing the Appliance at Will


Invisalign has been established for many years to correct misaligned teeth. With this solution, you receive the smile you have always wanted without changing your everyday life.

With Invisalign your misaligned teeth will be treated with a series of custom-made aligners. These aligners are removable and virtually invisible. Every week you use a new pair of aligners and step by step your teeth will move towards their final position.

Worldwide, Invisalign has more than 3 million satisfied customers.

A win-win situation for you and your teeth


In accordance with the most recent technical developments, we offer the latest generation of lingual brackets – a very comfortable way to treat adults and adolescents with invisible braces. Lingual brackets will be bonded on the back surface of your teeth and are therefore not visible from the outside. Each individual bracket is custom-made and extremely flat. The advantage of these new types of brackets are that they are made of alloy steel and therefore a third cheaper than conventional lingual brackets. The body of the brackets is not casted but laser-condensed from a powdered metal. The slots of the brackets are reworked with a highly precise milling machine. Finally, the brackets will be welded with the bracket base and the individual arch wires will be bent by computer assisted bending robots.

Apart from being more comfortable to wear for you as a patient, these new brackets from DW Lingual Systems are more precise and therefore easier to work with than conventional lingual brackets.
A profit for you and your teeth to make you smile.