Our Treatments


We make sure to keep the treatment time with braces as comfortable and short as possible.

It is a piece of cake with us

There is no doubt that wearing braces is not the kind of thing children like. On the other hand, everybody wants to have healthy and straight teeth when giving a big smile. A variety of different treatment types with modern, nearly invisible aligners and brackets is keeping your time with braces as comfortable and short as possible.

Quite often orthodontic treatment already starts when you are in primary school and finishes by the end of puberty. In our practice, most of the time, we first start our treatment when all permanent teeth are in and finish the active part of the treatment already after one year. However, we recommend that your first visit in an orthodontic practice is during kindergarten or when during the first school year to find the perfect time to start a possible treatment.
Although nowadays and in most of the cases the correction of misaligned teeth during adulthood is not a problem anymore, misaligned jaws can be best treated when we are younger and still growing.


Seeing a model of your own dental impression is exciting and particularly helpful in explaining jaws and teeth to our young patients.


We use the smallest brackets on the market to make our young patients feel as comfortable as possible when treated with fixed braces.


Gibberish can make you feel uneasy. To make sure that our younger patients feel comfortable as well, we make sure to entertain them.


A successful treatment of misaligned teeth and/or jaws does not have to take forever. We treat children and adolescents systematically and goal-driven.